Captain's Checklist

We asked the Captains from Boating Tips LIVE for 5 checklist items that every boater needs to know before they go out on the water. Check out what they picked!

What is Boating Tips LIVE?

  • 1. Track the Weather

    Often people get so excited to be out on the boat, they forget to check the conditions. By checking weather conditions before you venture out, you will be able to make better decisions and avoid trouble. Download weather apps on your mobile phone to assist you, we recommend Windfinder and Windy, but there are a number of them to choose. Be sure to do so before going out on the water!
  • 2. Plan Your Course

    Plan, plan, plan! Research pays off in peace of mind. Boating is not an activity where decisions should be made on the fly. Planning should include where the channel is, where you’re going to get fuel, weather conditions, places to avoid and more. There is nothing worse than being caught in a situation where you are stuck and need assistance. This can be avoided with proper planning ahead of your adventure.
  • 3. How to Properly Trim Your Engines

    When the water is calm, you can afford to trim your engines which lets you go quicker and more efficiently. Trim is simply the running angle of the boat as it makes way in the water; when we adjust the trim we are either raising or lowering the bow (the front of the boat).
  • 4. Use Your Radar

    Most of the latest boats have built-in radar allowing you to maintain a proper lookout to boat safer and more confidently. Practice makes perfect with reading marine radar, once you understand how they work you will be boating safer. Plus, they look cool!
  • 5. The Power of Chartplotters

    Save time and effort by knowing how your chartplotters work. Your chartplotter will end up saving you a ton of time and keep you in areas that are safe depths for your vessel to travel. Modern chartplotters have many features to allow optimal ease of use and navigation. There are several brands and styles to choose from, find one that works best for you!
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