Boating Tips: Go Boating Kit

When you buy a boat from MarineMax, you will receive a free Go Boating Kit. Find out what’s in this mysterious package of boating goodies!

The Go Boating Kit doesn’t just include a wealth of knowledge, it includes everything that you need to go boating. When you buy a boat with MarineMax, you don’t need to worry about a thing, we’ll supply you with everything so that you’re ready to hit the water.

Flotation Devices

You are provided with a throwable floatation device as well as personal floatation devices. The throwable is an emergency floatation device that can be easily thrown to someone who has fallen overboard. It should be kept readily accessible.

The personal flotation devices are something that many people, even non-boaters are familiar with - lifejackets. Even if you’re a very experienced boater, NEVER go boating without them.

Signaling Devices

In the Go Boating Kit, you will find flares as well as a noise-making device (horn). The flares can be used day or night and burn extremely hot and bright, they are great for catching the attention of a passing vessel, even far off. You can learn more about using them here. The horn is also a great tool for getting the attention of a passing boat in the event of an emergency.


These next items are simply too varied to be put into categories, so we are just going to list them out.

Fire extinguisher - Pull the pin, point at the base of a fire, squeeze the trigger and sweep
Dock lines - For tying up at the dock
Anchor - For holding position once stopped
Boat hook - Used for grabbing lines in the water
Cleaning supplies - To keep your boat looking like new

The MarineMax Experience

We’re more than a dealer. Yes, we sell boats, but we are also a resource. Our customers gain access to a wealth of boating knowledge and get a tailored experience through professionals who can match them with the perfect boat from our unparalleled diversity of brands and models. We provide world-class service, financing and insurance, educational programs, and access to Getaways!® trips and other boaters, and of course, a Go Boating Kit.

We’ll see you out there.

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