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Boating Tips

Boating Basics

Fall is time for all things basic, so tune up on your skills and study these boating tips to make sure you're covered on the boating fundamentals.

Boating Tips

Rock the Boat with Music, Movies, and More!

Stay entertained while onboard! Tune into this episode to learn from Captain Keith and Raymarine's Jim McGowan about streaming Netflix, Spotify, and more on your boat.

Boating Tips

Tying Dock Lines

Need help with your dock lines? Captain Keith of MarineMax Clearwater shows the proper procedure to tie up your dock lines.

Boating Tips

Find the Fish Fast with Radar!

Magnum high performance open array radars bring long range performance and unmatched small target radar imaging to Raymarine multifunction navigation displays. 

Boating Tips

Raymarine Combines Drones and Boats

Take flight with Axiom UAV Integration for Raymarine Axiom! Every boater has wished for a birds-eye view of their surroundings at some time. That wish has finally been granted with Raymarine’s Axiom UAV application that bring together the power of advanced marine electronics and advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs.)

Boating Tips

Tying Dock Lines in a Fixed Slip

The spring line is one of the most important lines, as it prevents your boat from bumping into the sides of the dock or pilings.

Boating Tips

How to Tie a Figure of Eight Knot

In this special MarineMax Vacations episode, Harry discusses one of the most important boaters knots there is to know: the figure of eight. This knot comes in handy when docking your boat, and is quite easy to master!

Boating Tips

Joystick Auto Heading Mode

Mercury Joystick Piloting enables you to use Auto Heading mode. This control system uses its integrated electronic compass to lock onto your heading to keep your boat on course.

Boating Tips

Passing Under Bridges Safely

You should always reduce your speed and proceed with caution near any bridge or man-made structure that decreases visibility and passage. Many bridges are high enough to allow normal boat passage.

Boating Tips


MarineMax Sales Consultant and Boating Guru Chris Zorn explains what takes place when MarineMax gets your boat prepped for the winter. This is a very important and necessary process anyone in the north MUST do in order for your boat to function properly.

Boating Tips

Anchoring on Shore

In this episode Captain Keith shows everything you need to know about anchoring on shore at a beach. This can be a tricky procedure, but with the proper training and practice it's a piece of cake!

Boating Tips

Simrad Chartplotter Demo

Gone are the days of clunky, non-responsive user interfaces. The newest chartplotters from Simrad are engineered for performance, functionality and flexible control.

Boating Tips

Retrieving a Stuck Plow Boat Anchor

In this episode of MarineMax Boating Tips, Captain Keith discusses how to retrieve your plow anchor in case it gets stuck on underwater structure.

Boating Tips

Using Shore Power

In this episode, Captain Keith is aboard the beautiful Sea Ray Sundancer 400 showing how to prepare the boat for shore power from generator power.

Boating Tips

VHF Radio

Learn the uses of your on-board VHF radio - from emergencies to communicating with not only other boaters, but land and the Coast Guard! 

Boating Tips

What's In Your Go Boating Kit?

In this episode, Captain Keith Lake of MarineMax Clearwater shows us what exactly our customers receive when they purchase their boat from MarineMax! 

Boating Tips

Passing Other Boats

As the lead boat, which always has the right of way, stay on your side of the channel and maintain a steady speed so that the overtaking vessel can pass you safely.

Boating Tips

Personal Flotation Devices

Captain Keith shows all the types of legal Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) that can be used for a safe day out on the water.

Boating Tips

Safe Cruising

Your boat has many systems that should be checked before heading out, and equipment that needs to be prepared. Get tips for a great day on the water!

Boating Tips

Safely Using Flares

Watch and learn how to safely use flares on your boat. Flares are an important safety device and visual distress signal, but proper use is a must!

Boating Tips

Tying and Untying a Bowline Knot

Learn how to tie one of the most useful knots when you're out on the water: the bowline knot.

Boating Tips

Channel Markers

Knowing how to properly read channel markers is a must when it comes to boating safety. Just remember, RED-RIGHT-RETURN!

Boating Tips

Setting and Retrieving a Stuck Danforth Anchor

The danforth anchor is known for traditional, superior holding power. The shank is made of high strength steel. The steel flukes are strong and wide.

Boating Tips

Docking An Outboard

In this episode, Captain Mike Winter shows how to properly dock a single outboard engine. It may look tricky at first, but with the right finesse and know-how, it will become second nature.

Boating Tips

Reading Channel Markers

In this episode, Captain Keith discusses channel markers when out on the water.
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