Azimut | Carbon Fiber Innovations

Carbon fiber has long been a beloved material offering a myriad of benefits. It's now gaining more ground in yachting as seen in Italy's Azimut Yachts latest designs. Using carbon fiber keeps weight down while offering all kinds of space for passengers to relax and play. Azimut says that the use of carbon fiber in the superstructure has allowed it to open up more volume while keeping weight and performance steady. 
  • Dark picture of the plan and design of an Azimut Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber | Think Big

    Light weight, superior strength, high resistance, larger interior volumes without increasing the overall weight, advanced comfort, excellent stability
  • Plan and design of an Azimut Carbon Fiber

    Larger Volumes

    Larger Flybridge and deckhouse than previous same length models. Pure carbon fiber is the design choice to achieve higher strength and lower weight hence increased volumes.
  • Lower side view of an Azimut Carbon Fiber

    Excellent Dynamic Stability

    From 3% to 15% roll momentum decrease. Increased volumes enhance your comfort while lower weights guarantee excellent dynamic and static stability for your yachting pleasure.
  • Dark picture of an Azimut Carbon Fiber

    Post Curing Oven

    Carbon Fiber construction requires post curing processes at controlled levels of humidity and temperature up to 100*C (212F). Azimut Yachts made a significant investment in a state of the art post curing oven for carbon fiber structures up to 26 meters (85ft) in length. Post curing it’s of the essence to achieve top levels of mechanical strength and stiffness, and guarantee preset quality levels and standards. 
  • History of Azimut carbon technology

    Carbon Tech

    From 3% to 15% roll momentum decrease | Carbon Fiber & Vynilester Resin weight saving up to 30% | Carbon Fiber & Epoxy Resin weight saving up to 50%
  • Azimut carbon technology chart
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