Obtaining the Best Boat Loan

Most people turn to their local bank to obtain a boat loan. Banks typically require a substantial deposit on the initial cost of the boat and often do not understand the subtleties of boat financing. For example, which boats qualify as a second home making the loan payments a write-off on income taxes. The experts at MarineMax guide their customers to the best financial package that meets their goals for their best boating life.

  • Boat Financing Experts Ready for You

    MarineMax, the world’s leading and most awarded recreational marine dealer, has formed alliances with the boating industries leading financiers to allow us to offer some of the most reasonable rates on boat loans from your local MarineMax. The experts at your local MarineMax are ready to provide you with straightforward, short-term and long-term financing packages. Our objective is to make your boat purchase as comfortable and easy so you can begin experiencing your boating lifestyle today.

  • Need Extra Protection?

    In addition to providing successful boat loans, your local MarineMax can help with extended warranties, maintenance packages, insurance plans, and much more. The team at your MarineMax are impassioned about getting you and your family on your boat in the water as quickly as possible and stress-free. Our team’s goal is to create enduring connections with our clients and offer exemplary services so our customers will experience an unmatchable total-ownership experience.

  • Insurance Made Easy

    Our no-worry insurance options won’t keep you awake at night. To protect your new vessel, MarineMax offers “insomnia-free” comprehensive property and casualty coverage (aka hull insurance). We even look after your financing with our credit life and disability policies. Our programs are extremely comprehensive, competitively priced, secure and simple to obtain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Financing Your Boat Purchase

Boat Finance FAQ

What Type of Credit Do I Need to Buy a Boat?

The finance experts at your local MarineMax are prepared to provide you with simple short-term and long-term, hassle-free financing packages. They can help guide you through the ins-and-outs of obtaining a loan.

Boat Finance FAQ

Can I Apply Online?

MarineMax makes it easy to start enjoying the boating lifestyle with affordable and easy to obtain financing - online.