Tuscan Isles

Discover Gourmet Dining, History, and Natural Beauty Beyond Compare in the Tuscan Isles. To the west of Tuscany on Italy’s mainland lies a chain of seven islands that make up the Tuscan Archipelago – Gorgona, Capraia, Elba, Pianosa, Montecristo, Giglio and Giannutri. The legend of these beautiful Islands held that they were the jewels of a necklace that belonged to the goddess Venus. The jewels turned into the islands when Venus mistakenly dropped her necklace into the sea. Rising out of the Tyrrhenian Sea, these verdant islands distinguish themselves with their own unique traits and features; nonetheless, their largest common denominator is their fantastically wild nature and landscapes. Exploring these wonderful islands is best from a luxury yacht. The mountainous Tuscan islands provide fabulous anchorages, amazing gourmet dining, wonderful history, fine art, beautiful architecture, amazing wine, and a haven for nature lovers. For those more adventurous, there are uninhabited islands awaiting to be discovered, surprisingly good snorkeling and diving, and a myriad of trails to be explored. If you are acquainted with Italy’s mainland, experiencing the Tuscan Archipelago will be both surprisingly familiar and, at the same time, completely unexpected with a charter through these captivating islands.
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    Day 1 - Viareggio

    Meet your luxury charter yacht in Viareggio, a seaside city of the mainland of Tuscany. The nearby Pisa International Airport, also named Galileo Galilei Airport is the closest, only a 15-mile drive away. When you arrive, you may hear the music from the opera La Bohéme since Viareggio is the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini, who also composed Madame Butterfly and Tosca. His home in nearby Torre Del Lago, where he lived and worked, is open to the public. In town, you will find art nouveau buildings. A health and seaside resort since the early 1900’s, Viareggio offers six-miles of beaches.
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    Day 2 - Viareggio to La Spezia

    Before departing for ports of call, spend some time to absorbing the local culture of Tuscany. Nearby Lucca is a city on the Serchio river known for its well-preserved Renaissance walls which encircle the historic section of the city. Cobblestone streets lead to striking Medieval and Renaissance buildings, antique markets, and excellent restaurants. Broad, tree-lined pathways wind along the tops of the massive 16th and 17th century ramparts. Later in the day, depart for La Spezia and Porto Lotti Marina.
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    Day 3 - La Spezia to Cinque Terra and Porto Venere

    Right in the middle of a charismatic section of the Ligurian Riviera is the port city of La Spezia, the perfect base for exploring Cinque Terre (five-lands). To the west of La Spezia are five small villages built on the cliffs overlooking the sea. They can only be reached by a train, the rambles between them, or by boat. Hike Via dell’Amore, one of the most famous pathways in Italy. This “lovers’ pathway,” just one kilometre in length and situated high above the sea, links Riomaggiore and Manarola, two of Cinque Terre villages. The harbor at Porto Venere is lined with tall 12th-century houses painted in vibrant colors. An overnight crossing gets you to Elba arriving in time for breakfast.
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    Day 4 - Elba to Isola del Giglio

    Most famous for being the island where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled in May 1814. Elba’s equally famous crystal clear waters and natural beauty, makes it seem like a pretty nice place to be forsaken. Today, Elba is a destination for charming hotels and enchanting restaurants. Four miles inland you will come across Napoleon’s once formidable residence. Before departing for Isola del Giglio, take time to reconnoiter one of Elba’s splendid bays.
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    Day 5 - Isola del Giglio to Montecristo

    If you are into diving, Isola del Giglio offers an incredibly rich underwater world. Head for the sandy beaches and beautiful coves if you just want to relax. A historic stone watchtower, built by the Medicis, dominates the town. Looking west is Montecristo, the pyramid-shaped, small, gray-pink granite island. It is a short trip from Isola del Giglio to the Argentario peninsula and Porto Ercole.
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    Day 6 - Porto Ercole

    Porto Ercole is the place to break out the yacht’s water toys, with its sandy and rock strewn beaches. This jewel of a town is a great place for a picnic lunch under the Tuscan sunshine. Tour Siena, distinguished by its medieval brick buildings. Graced by a fan-shaped central square, Piazza del Campo, is the site of the Palazzo Pubblico, the Gothic town hall, and Torre del Mangia, a slender 14th-century tower offering terrific views from its extraordinary white crown. Later, anchor off of Giannutri, spending the night at the southernmost island in the archipelago before heading to Rome, the final port.
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    Day 7 - Rome

    Arrive at Roma Marina, in the historic port of Civitavecchia set against an ancient fort and 20 centuries of history: from the remains of the port of Trajan, to the beautiful Renaissance architecture. The port of Civitavecchia, which has been Rome’s port for 2000 years, has established itself as the Mediterranean Capital for cruisers, attracting super yachts from all around the world. New granite quays equipped with all the personal services required for providing the world’s grandest yachts and their owners. The best in Italian shopping and quaint cafes await on the tree-lined boulevards as you head into Rome. Enjoy all that is Rome before heading to your next adventure.
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