There truly is no better way to discover Norway than by a private luxury yacht. The spectacular splendor of Norway’s natural world is impossible to overstate. Worn by nature, the incredibly steep-sided cut gashes into Norway’s coastline forming a network of extraordinary fjords with calm waters, spectacular waterfalls, thousand-year-old fishing villages and rich legends of water spirits, trolls, and gnomes. The coast of Norway is warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream, modifying winter’s cold and aiding Mother Nature in the long days of summer with the natural majesty that explodes at every turn. Norway is gaining popularity for summer yacht charters for its cooler alternative to the Mediterranean Sea. The counterpoint to all the picturesque beauty of the fjords, mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls is the vibrant and sophisticated cultural life found in the Norwegian cities and villages. Festivals, some of international renown, cosmopolitan dining along with an emerging flare for local dishes, architecture that reflects Norway’s famous Scandinavian flair for design, all make up an opportunity to share never-to-be-forgotten experiences many times over. Add days when the sun never sets and the prospect of fulfilling a bucket-list moment of watching the utterly magical Northern Lights dancing across the night sky. For the young or the young-at-heart there is ample opportunity to hike, bike, go white-water rafting, explore, or even take a helicopter ride to a glacier formed in the Stone Age. Discovering Norway on your own private yacht charter is an encounter with incredible natural beauty, a culture of warmth and welcome, fabulous cuisine and endless opportunities to explore and enjoy. Whether you participate in the physical activities that abound or simply sit back on your luxury yacht, or some combination, chartering in Norway will simply amaze while galvanizing mindboggling memories that will last a lifetime.
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    Day 1 - Ålesund

    Arrive in style on a seaplane and set sight of your yacht resting among Norway’s largest cod-fishing fleet. The city reflects the Jugendstil – art nouveau – style that was popular when Ålesund was rebuilt after a devastating fire burned the city to the ground in 1904. After settling onboard, you will have time to explore and enjoy the local hospitality. Enjoy the many cafes and restaurants that serve locally harvested produce, Norwegian-style pizza, sandwiches, and fresh seafood that is from, well, “out there”. There are also many artisan shops and museums to explore.
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    Day 2 - Ålesund to Geiranger Fjord

    Leaving Ålesund early, cruise through the Geiranger Fjord. Considered the “Jewel of the Fjords” and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the fjord is studded with waterfalls tumbling and gushing down sheer cliffs with abandoned farmsteads clinging to their precipices. The most famous waterfalls are the “Seven Sisters” who are being courted by their supplicant waterfall, the “Suitor”, on the opposite side of the fjord. The mists from the Seven Sisters creates a continuous veil with displays of ever-changing rainbows as you pass by on your luxury charter.
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    Day 3 - Geiranger Fjord to Måløy

    Enjoy the benefits of traveling overnight with the midnight sun blazing the way. In the morning, visit the villages and many coves using your yacht's tender. If so inclined, fish for fresh salmon to delight your palate. Your chef is happy to prepare your catch for your dining pleasure. Måløy is world famous for its cod and herring fleet which supplies the local restaurants. Try the cod, halibut, or monkfish prepared a variety of ways. Stop by the busy little café, Din & Min (Yours and Mine) for a late-night drink. From the terrace, take in the harbor spread out before you.
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    Day 4 - Måløy to Florø

    Originally a fishing town, Florø is Norway’s westernmost village. Today much of Florø’s wealth comes from the oil industry serving the giant Snorreankeret offshore oil field. However, fish farming and shipbuilding add substantially to Florø’s economy. It is an easy 10-minute climb to the scenic overlook at the top of Storåsen Hill. Several offshore islands provide for an atmospheric day trip to take in their incredible natural beauty and a number of significant historical sites. Tours of Alfot Glacier can be easily arranged since it lies within the cities limits.
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    Day 5 - Florø to Flåm

    Once again, your crew will take advantage of the midnight sun to travel to the head of the Aurland Fjord to visit Flåm, a picture-perfect town with brightly painted homes underneath soaring snowcapped mountains. Arrange a drive to Stegastein Viewpoint which juts out nearly 100 feet on a 12-foot wide platform 2,000 feet above the Fjord. Another popular activity is the Flåm Railway. The 2-hour journey allows you to experience one of the world’s most beautiful train rides. You will encounter lush landscapes, steep outlooks, spectacular waterfalls, and snow-covered mountains. It’s a train ride you’ll never forget. Spend the night relaxing onboard.
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    Day 6 - Flåm to Balestrand

    After a short morning cruise, you will arrive in Balestrand. Built in 1897, the Church of St. Olaf was constructed for a devote Englishwoman, Margaret Green, who married a local hotel owner, Knut Kvikne. This charming wooden church is built in the traditional stave-style. If you find it closed, the owner of Midtnes Hotel has the key. Balestrand has outdoor activities for everyone, from dreamy fjord side strolls to strenuous mountain hikes or a wildly scenic bike ride. Enjoy traditional smörgåsboard-style dining at the Kviknes Hotel dining room. Then savor a drink from the hotel balcony while watching the sun set (or not set) over the fjord.
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    Day 7 - Balestrand to Bergen

    Cruise overnight to Bergen. Norway’s second largest city is over a thousand-years-old. Tie up alongside the brightly colored wooden buildings that line the Hanseatic-style wharf. Take time to roam through living history in this modern city set along one of the loveliest and wildest fjords in Norway. Before catching your flight home, explore Bergen’s museums, art galleries, and dining opportunities. Many of Bergen’s passionately patriotic inhabitants are proud of their city and many will gladly direct you to their favorite attraction, shop, or restaurant.
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