Galapágos Islands

The Galapágos were once a chain of isolated islands about 500 miles west of Ecuador. Once discovered by Charles Darwin, the landscape and wildlife were unlike any other. Today you can discover these creatures for yourself. With spectacular views of unique habitats, these islands are the perfect way to get in touch with nature while enjoying the perks of modern life aboard your yacht. Play a game of tag with sea lions, view the warm weather penguins, dive with sharks, touch giant tortoises, glimpse the native birds, and trek over land that seems from another planet. Each yacht charter is given a specific itinerary intended to protect these pristine islands. Enjoy mother nature without the crowds as you make your way along this volcanic archipelago. In the Galapágos, you can discover these islands like the explorers of old, while enjoy the modern luxuries of today.
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    Day 1 - Santa Cruz

    Begin at the highlands, where you will find the Galapágos tortoises some of which are the size of a small car! Make your way to the Charles Darwin Research Station and the ocean-side town of Puerto Ayora. Hop aboard your tender and head towards your awaiting yacht.
  • Seals on a beach

    Day 2 - Española

    In the morning, you will arrive off the coast of Espanola, which is thought to be more than four million years old. On the white-sand beaches you will discover native, playful sea lions. One of the most well-known spots is Punta Suárez, famed for its waved albatross who perform intricate mating dances.
  • Birds with blue feet and blue bills

    Day 3 - San Cristóbal

    Enjoy a handcrafted brunch from your onboard chef, while taking in the spectacular view of San Cristóbal. Trek to Punta Pitt to view the blue-footed, red-footed, and Nazca boobies all in the same place. Take your tender for a cruise along the Cerro Brujo cliffs to Kicker Rock. Put on your snorkel gear and jump in, as this ancient volcanic cone is a premier location for snorkeling and diving. Swim with sharks, and feel the tickle of tropical fish all around you.
  • Man photographing iguana

    Day 4 - Sante Fé and South Plaza

    You won’t go long on this island without spotting the famous Sante Fé iguana. Kayak or snorkel around the island peering into crystal clear waters to glimpse the giant eagle rays. Stop by the nearby South Plaza Island to view the home of one of the largest colonies of sea lions.
  • Birds leaving a nesting area

    Day 5 - Genovesa

    Known as Tower Island, this rocky plateau is the perfect habitat for many native birds. Landing ashore you will discover the red-footed boobies, great frigates, swallow-tailed gulls, and even owls. As one of Prince Philip’s favorite island, you will find his name carved into the Cliffside. Climb the stairs to the top for a spectacular sunset view.
  • Woman and child walking together near trees

    Day 6 - Santiago and Bartolomé

    The other-worldly landscape of Santiago Island is created from the once flowing lava. Trek across this barren field to explore the contradictory white-sand beach of Sullivan Bay. Enjoy the island time, as you soak up the sun. Hike the trail to the top of the island for sweeping views.
  • Bird standing

    Day 7 - Rábida Island

    Sea lions have made their home among the red-sand beaches found along the shore of Rabida Island. Peek at the saltwater lagoon where you may even find a flamingo. Hop over to the Sombrero Chino Island to see the famous Galapágos Penguins. Enjoy a final dinner aboard your yacht before heading home from Baltra Island.
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