Let the Water Change Your Life

When the water calls, let MarineMax deliver all of boating’s magical moments. We’re a community of boaters, United by Water, ready to guide your journey. Whether you’re an experienced boater or a first-timer, we’ll get you on the water, creating fun and great memories.
  • Let The Voyage Begin

    If you're looking for a special price on the perfect boat, attentive service or even a weekend getaway, MarineMax is your partner for making it all a reality.
  • Have More Fun with Friends & Family

    Our Getaways!® events are legendary gatherings bringing boaters together. Whether for a day or a week, these events are filled with fun, laughter and exploration.
    Find Your Next Getaways!
  • Pets On Board!

    Follow our tips for a fun and safe day out on the water with your furry friend and share your adventures together using #MMXPets!
    Go Boating With Your Furry First Mate
  • Caribbean Dreams Can Come True

    Imagine spending a week with family and friends aboard a power catamaran in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). MarineMax Vacations can make this dream a reality.
    Make My Dreams Come True

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  • Saturday: Closed
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Your Best Resource for Boating on the Great Lakes

We are your Ohio boat dealer & Sea Ray experts. MarineMax of Port Clinton/Catawba Island has been serving the Lake Erie Island area with unparalleled boat service for over 40 years. We offer premium brands known for quality & durability like Azimut, Galeon, Meridian Yachts, Sailfish, and Sea Ray boats and yachts. Let us guide your journey in finding the new or used boat to fit your boating lifestyle.

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  • keith-teynor-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Keith Teynor
    11 Years General Manager
  • jim-smercina-tcm-10112017.jpg
    Jim Smercina
    Fixed Operations Manager
  • priscilla.jpg
    Priscilla Thayer
    Business Manager
  • debbie-ludewig.jpg
    Debbie Ludewig
    Service Advisor
  • james-crutchley-revised.jpg
    James Crutchley
    Service Advisor
  • heidi-biglin-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Heidi Biglin
    17 Years Administrative Assistant
  • nikki-baney.jpg
    Nikki Baney
    Parts Manager
  • p3240345.JPG
    Jennifer Nagy
    7 Years Marketing / Events Coordinator
  • tara-benson-revised.jpg
    Tara Benson
  • craig-graham-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Craig Graham
    9 Years Product Specialist "Sea Ray & Galeon Yachts"
  • josh-northrop-team-photo-10192017.jpg
    Josh Northrop
    14 Years Product Specialist "Sea Ray, Azimut & Benetti Yachts"
  • johnathan-kopija-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Jonathan Kopija
    Product Specialist "Sea Ray, Sailfish & Galeon"
  • kres-kemper-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Kres Kemper
    5 Years Product Specialist "Sea Ray, Sailfish"
  • steve-rosiar-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Steve Rosiar
    Product Specialist "Sea Ray & Sailfish"
  • scott-czerwony-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Scott Czerwony
    External Service Advisor
  • terry-cook-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Terry Cook
    41 Years Shop Foreman
  • matt-puda-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Matt Puda
    21 Years Service Technician
  • carl-jadwisiak-tcm-01242017.jpg
    Carl Jadwisiak
    10 Years Yard Foreman
  • allen-ritchey-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Allen Ritchey
    Service Technician
  • steve-t-tcm-10112017.jpg
    Steve Tully
    Service Technician
  • jeff-gough-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Jeff Gough
    Yard Technician
  • evan-fenstemaker-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Evan Fenstemaker
    Service Technician
  • ashley-benner.jpg
    Ashley Benner
    Yard Technician
  • p3240333.JPG
    Chris Wurgler
    Service Technician
  • john-tcm-10112017.jpg
    Jon Zawislan
    Service Technician
  • bob-runner-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Bob Runner
    6 Years Delivery Captain
  • gil-root-tcm-01042017.jpg
    Gil Root
    6 Years Delivery Captain
  • robert-rosenberger-1.jpg
    Robert Rosenberger
    Yard Technician
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