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Pontoons vs. Tritoons

What floats your boat?

Besides bringing fun to the water, Harris pontoon and tritoon boats are known for their luxurious and versatile configurations with many different amenities. And as feature-rich as they tend to be up top, not many may not consider what’s underneath these fantastic vessels that help create the best experience for all above—the number of tubes themselves! If you are wondering about the differences, keep reading to narrow down the best 'toon' to float to within this pontoon versus tritoon comparison.

  • Harris pontoon on the water

    The Basics

    If you’re not that familiar with pontoons or boating in general, the first thing to know is the term “pontoon” is a more generalized expression for the construction of the boat's hull. And if you are in the market for one, always consider how you will use your pontoon. Will your adventures consist of having water-sport-loving riders in tow with plenty of company onboard, or do you plan on taking a nice leisurely ride while entertaining a few of your closest friends and family members? Another aspect to consider is cost since the number of tubes will affect pricing. Once you answer these questions, it will be easier to figure out if you should lean on a two-tube option or go for a third.
  • Doubling up on the Fun

    To add another layer to the word “pontoon,” it can also often be used to express two-tubed vessels. These double-tubed models are ideal for those who typically plan on cruising in calm water and do not have many passengers to weigh the boat down. 
  • Tripling the Adventure

    Tritoons, which are pontoons with three tubes, tend to have more balance and buoyancy out on the water. These spectacular models allow for additional weight distribution, more powerful engine capabilities, and better control in choppy water—making them the perfect choice for entertaining many and for towing adventures in their category. Most Harris models have tritoon options and capabilities.
  • Harris pontoon on the water

    Superior Tubes

    Regardless of whether your interests lie within a double or triple tube model, the tubes constructed through Harris are top-of-the-line. Harris is known for quality and innovation, and all models are now built using RPM Technology featuring hydrodynamic nose cones to cut through the water improve handling in turns. Tritoon models feature lifting strakes, an underdeck aluminum skin, and a flared motor pod that provide superior performance. All models have full-length M-Brackets for a stronger frame and segmented pontoon chambers for peace of mind. Full-length M-Brackets and segmented chambers are also incorporated, making the tubes more effective performance-wise. 
If you are still uncertain about which type of pontoon boat is right for you, check out the Pontoon vs. Tritoon Boat video or speak to one of our knowledgeable sales consultants.
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