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European Star Coming to America

 MarineMax and Galeon have teamed up to bring these beautifully hand crafted masterpieces to America’s shores.

If you live in the United States you probably have not heard of Galeon Yachts. However, in Europe and elsewhere throughout the world Galeon is a highly sought after brand for their ability to hand tailor yachts with leading-edge technology and contemporary design. Now MarineMax and Galeon have teamed up to bring these beautifully hand crafted masterpieces to America’s shores.

Established in 1982, Galeon’s vision is to make every Galeon Yacht an emblem of their customer’s success and status. Galeon Yacht designs are conceived by top naval architects such as Tony Castro from the UK. These designs reflect Galeon’s commitment to unparalleled modern styling while incorporating the latest marine technology into all their yachts.

Galeon maintains 288,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and employs 500 highly skilled and talented personnel from every discipline in the marine industry, including modeling, laminating, metalworking, woodworking, assembly, systems and engine installation.

Galeon manufactures just about everything in-house to exacting standards including the cabinetry, the furniture and even the stainless-steel window and door frames. That means that the grains match, the cabinets are solid and the stainless-steel fixtures are hefty and perform smoothly. To assure that all Galeon Yachts maintain the highest quality in every detail, Galeon utilizes cutting-edge management, up to date production systems and latest technologies.

“After visiting the Galeon facility and seeing the quality and dedication to excellence that was so clearly evident, we decided to partner with Galeon,” said Chuck Cashman, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Manufacturer Relations. “With Galeon’s unique style and high performance we think that there is nothing currently in the United States quite like them. We are excited to add Galeon to our luxury line-up of yacht offerings.”

MarineMax will be introducing 10 Galeon yachts from 38 to 66 feet. These sleek and powerful yachts with contemporary interiors come in several model lines – hardtop coupes, flybridge models and what Galeon calls skydeck models.

MarineMax will be offering two hardtop models, the Galeon 385 HTS and the 445 HTS. Both are express-style with hardtops featuring large opening sunroofs.

In addition, MarineMax will offer four flybridge models ranging from the 39-foot Galeon 380 Fly to the 56-foot Galeon 550 Fly each featuring enclosed salons and large flybridge decks that extend over the cockpit area. Perfect for socializing underway.

What Galeon calls a Skydeck model is essentially a smaller bridge deck set back to allow for a sunroof over the lower helm station. MarineMax will carry four Skydeck models from the 430 Sky to the 660 Sky. These models combine the amenity of a sunroof with the convenience of an upper helm station.

“Another key factor for MarineMax partnering with Galeon is that Galeon works with their customers to create semi-custom handcrafted excellence. All Galeon Yachts are presented with a long list of options. Owners can highly configure their yacht to their tastes and needs making each Galeon Yacht as individual as its owner,” concluded Cashman.

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