10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Boat This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, which means fun days on the water lie ahead. Check out these must-have water toys, pre-check boating tips, and more insider info to help you make the most of your boat.

  • Aqua Lily Pad and other floats

    1. Water Toys

    Water toys are perfect for boaters of all ages to maximize their fun on-the-water. A few of our favorites include the Aqua Lily Pad, inflatables to bring out at the sandbar, a Seabob, and a transparent canoe/kayak. Of course, don’t forget the waterproof portable speaker so that you can listen to music while the family is splashing around.

  • People enjoying a day out on the water next to their boat

    2. Watersports Gear

    And did we mention all the new watersports gear out there? A must-have is a tube to pull the kids around (check out these banana boat tubes). Are the kids eager to try water skiing? Check out this fun training tool, before they’re ready to test out normal skis.

  • Dog wearing safety vest and a woman on a boat

    3. Boat Safety

    Boat safety first! Be prepared with all your safety gear, life vests (don’t forget the pets!), and EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons). Plus, make sure you know the boating laws in your state and that you have the proper boating and fishing licenses. Discover Boating has some great tips on their checklist!

  • 4. MarineMax Boating Classes

    Are your boating skills a little rusty? Brush up on your boating knowledge and make sure you feel confident on the water with one of the free MarineMax boating classes. Topics include fishing tips, boating safety, Women on Water® and more.

  • 5. Boating Recipes

    A new boating season calls for some fresh ideas for snacks to bring on the boat! Don’t settle for the same boring turkey sandwich. Instead, check out some of our favorite boating recipes, including an avocado tomato salad, orzo salad, peanut butter bars, and much more. 

  • People using boat cooler

    6. Cooler for Your Boat

    Speaking of food… How is that cooler looking? Make sure your cooler is ready to go – the last thing you want, is to open up the cooler on the boat and see that your snacks are all lukewarm (or worse, the beer has gotten hot.)

  • Woman on a boat

    7. MarineMax Service and Maintenance

    Make sure your vessel is in tip-top shape to hit the water. Especially if your boat has been in storage all winter, now is the time to get your spring recommissioning and annual checkup. You’ll want to make sure the hull and propellers are looking good, the boat’s systems have been checked, and also get a quick cleaning. Learn more about the MarineMax service and maintenance solutions.

  • Woman wearing a sun hat on a boat

    8. Boating Wardrobe

    Check your wardrobe! Is your favorite sun hat in good condition? What about your UPF shirts and buffs for those long days on the water? How are your boat shoes looking?

  • Aquila power catamaran with a paddleboarder next to it

    9. Local Boating Destinations

    Write a boating bucket list for the summer! List out all the local destinations and secluded islands you’ve been meaning to check out and try crossing them off one at a time every weekend you take the boat out.

  • Group of people on MarineMax Getaway

    10. Boating Tips

    If you’re looking to take a trip this summer that’s a little farther than backyard cruising, you’ll want to make sure you plan and map out your trip ahead of time. The fact is that you’ll have more time for everything (even if that means just doing nothing) and be safer if you plan your weekend boating escape. We have a great Boating Tips LIVE episode that talks all about planning routes for boat trips. MarineMax also has exclusive Getaways!® for owners throughout the boating season where a MarineMax team member plans and leads a trip to a fun destination for you and fellow boaters to enjoy.