2019 Azimut 55 flybridge
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2019 Azimut 55 flybridge

2019 Azimut 55 flybridge

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2019 Azimut 55 flybridge.

An oasis of well-being. Azimut 55 is a yacht that makes an important style statement and was born of a challenge: the desire to combine a silhouette defined by sleek lines, with a warm, cozy alcove inside, featuring soft flowing shapes.

EPS Electronic Power Steering

At the helm, the innovative Optimus Electronic Power Steering system by Seastar Solutions gives you a similar sensation to driving a top of the range car. The owner can configure the responsiveness of the helm by regulating wheel turns and steering effort according to speed. The system also has the additional benefit of eliminating the hydraulic piping between the helm station and the rudder compartment.


Active Trim Control

Automatic interceptors gives the vessel the lift it needs to get up on plane faster or to reach that optimum running trim. In this way the resistance of the hull is automatically optimised for every speed and load condition, this resulting in increased speed and lower fuel consumption.