2018 Axopar 37
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2018 Axopar 37

2018 Axopar 37

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It’s been less than four years since the ground-breaking, incomparable Axopar 37 revolutionised the market for outboard-engine day-boats, sports-weekenders and cabin boats, by turning it completely on its head.

By being fast & flexible to the demands of the boat-buying public demands, we’ve wasted no time in launching an astounding new successor to this greatly admired, multiple award-winning concept.

The Axopar 37 range offers an even more comfortable ride with enhanced driving dynamics, while at the same time remaining very responsive and sporty in its character.

It's entirely new hull, superior in terms of performance and handling with its intuitive driving feel, ensures even customers new to boating will feel confident behind the wheel. All of this, even when its predecessor is considered to feature one of the best performing hulls on the market.

We are committed to creating the best ownership experience from start to finish. We understand the importance of having premium brands, a comprehensive list of services and financing options, classes that build your boating confidence, and customer events and Getaways!® to amazing places we host year-round.