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Welcome to the New!

The New!

New design. New focus. New features. Same great service.

MarineMax is has a new look! But our new website is about a lot more than just looking nice. We want to make finding the perfect boat for you as easy as possible. It aims to put you and your experience on our site more central and will:

  • Give you easier ways to find great deals on thousands of boats
  • Engage with you in the boating lifestyles of your choice
  • Provide you with in-category search, store based features and more
  • Introduce you to MarineMax Vacations, boating gear and other services
  • Provide you with relevant local and store specific news and offers
  • And, will work across all types of devices, with better media and great stories

With our new website, now MarineMax can really help you maximize your enjoyment on the water!