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TODAY you will make the world your playground. Remote islands. Distant shores. Foreign lands. They are all within your reach aboard your new yacht. Take control of the day and savor the moments both rare and unrivaled. Then, prepare to do it all over again TOMORROW
If there’s one thing that brings people together like the dinner table, it’s a boat. It’s where you can disconnect from the day-to-day and reconnect with your loved ones. Whether it’s the perfect day with the family or a cocktail cruise with friends, there’s no place you’d rather be than on your boat. Leisurely BBQs and days spent on the water are times and memories that can't be made anywhere else. (More)

Receive Maximum Trade-In Value On Your Boat

Owning the yacht of your dreams is all about the good times you’ll have. Now you can get great trade-in value on your yacht at MarineMax!

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Get on the Water Today

Take advantage of our Hot Summer Deals and get on the water today! With incredible prices, now's the time to test drive your dream and take her home.

Your Dedicated Yacht Team

Throughout your yacht purchase experience, you will be accompanied by our expert yacht sales team, and receive concierge support throughout the build process.

Yacht Ownership Benefits

MarineMax helps you indulge your passion for escape. Enjoy a diversity of destinations and experiences together with family and friends.

Dedicated Yacht Centers

Located at key yachting meccas, our first class facilities provide the best in sales and service for your convenience and ease.


Join the fun and #ShowUsYourBurgee! Learn how to get your FREE burgee and how to share your memories with other boaters nationwide!

Explore the Yachting Lifestyle

Innovation & luxury come to mind, but yachting is more - time spent with friends & family on the water.

2014 Azimut Nantucket Gala

New England's finest yachting destination was the location of this years exclusive Azimut Gala.

Sea Ray L650 Coastal Tour

Sea Ray’s recent introduction of the new L-Class represents more than just the debut of new boats; it entails a comprehensive commitment to the best that Sea Ray has to offer in all disciplines.

Featured Yachts

MarineMax offers a large range of new Yachts, including Azimut Yachts, Sea Ray Yachts, Hatteras Motor Yachts, and Meridian Yachts.

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