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Hatteras Yachts
Showcasing Hatteras Yachts for sale in fourteen dealerships around the country, MarineMax is the world’s largest new and used Hatteras dealer. As well, MarineMax maintains seven dedicated major yacht centers to offer unyielding support to our yachting clients. Based in North Carolina, Hatteras has deep roots in convertible yachts. Their series of traditional new and used convertible yachts for sale ranges from fifty-four to seventy-seven feet in length, and includes the Hatteras sixty motor yacht which, thanks to its fully resin-infused hull, became the fastest yacht in its class in 2008. While our Florida locations are the primary Hatters dealerships for the country, each of our locations stands ready to receive delivery of your new or used Hatteras today! (More)
Watch as Hatteras walks us through the WOW features of the all-new 70 Motor Yacht. Hatteras quality and craftsmanship meet sophistication and style for a new standard of elegance.
Hatteras’ tournament and demo yacht, Hatterascal, takes the guise of a new, blue hulled GT70 this year. This fishing machine is proof of Hatteras' legendary performance.
Yacht enthusiasts and Hatteras fans can look forward to another stylish and contemporary yacht from Hatteras. The 2017 Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show will debut the Hatteras 90 Motor Yacht. 
Built in 1960, Knit Wits was the first Hatteras and first boat over 30 feet to be built with fiberglass. She has quite a story. 
The Hatteras 100 Raised Pilothouse sets a new standard of excellence in its class. This yacht is designed with a striking combination of classic style and exquisitely appointed details.

It began with a vision to create a new breed of fishing boat made of fiberglass that could withstand the waves off Cape Hatteras.