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Dufour Yachts

Dufour Yachts has over 40 years of passion and innovation constructing and delivering legendary sailing yachts. The Dufour Grand' Large yachts offered through MarineMax Vacations are built for you to explore the open ocean in fully equipped cruisers that will both thrill you with exceptional sailing performance and also pamper you in comfort. The design style integrates a timeless elegance with highly refined livability features using premium materials for an unparalleled experience. (More)

A love of sailing is evident in the adventurous spirit of Dufour Yachts. Its innovative models push the envelope, offering an unequalled sailing experience. In addition, listening to the wants, needs and dreams of its customers is of primary importance. That's why Dufour Yachts is able to offer so many sailing enthusiasts the ultimate escape.

The Dufour 405 and 425 are built in La Rochelle in one of the few French shipyards dedicated exclusively to sailing vessels. This commitment originates from Michel Dufour, who launched the company in 1964 and whose vision continues to drive the business today.

Michel's expertise in engineering convinced him that new technologies and materials would transform sailing, and therefore, Dufour Yachts uses cutting-edge techniques such as vacuum infusion, injection molding and sandwich hulls in the design and manufacture of its hulls and decks. The advantages include a balanced weight / performance ratio, significant strength and rigidity, better sound-proofing and quality finish throughout.

Purchase a Dufour Yacht through MarineMax Vacations as a private yacht or as part of our Charter Yacht Ownership Program. Through the Charter Yacht Ownership Program, our expert team will manage your sailboat as part of our charter fleet. We take care of all the maintenance and operating costs, you receive a fixed monthly payment from us and up to nine weeks of cruising time each year aboard your yacht or a sister-ship. Contact us online or call (813) 644-8070 to learn more. (Less)

MarineMax 413s and 433s take top honors at this year's 2013 Heineken Regatta in St. Maarten. Congratulations to the MarineMax sailing teams on their wins!

Explore the British Virgin Islands with family and friends aboard these luxury sailboats for an unforgettable vacation experience.